Through Ian Triggs Golf, Ian provides his clients with a range and combination of valuable resources. Ian also trains coaches using his innovative ITG Community Coach platform. Based on his years of experience and success in coaching world number one and professional players, Ian developed this forward-thinking platform which can be used by coaches of all levels from community coaches to elite coaches. ITG offers certificates one to four in coaching.

Now in development, Ian is working on an online golf academy. The academy will offer virtual coaching sessions online and cover off on the following:


  1. Pre-shot behaviours

  2. Technical preparations pre-swing

  3. In-swing ideals or matching process

  4. Refinement of swing patterns

  5. Post-shot behaviour

  6. Provide instructional videos on all skill areas of the game.

Members of the Ian Triggs' Online Coaching Academy will also be able to upload videos of their own golf swing and receive world-class technical analysis from Ian, to improve your golf game.





One or a series of lessons on a specified skill area

Total skill assessment for five skill areas including written reports and drills

Individual or group tuition

A comprehensive yearly training program



Ian Triggs Golf offers fully certified, coaching accreditation from ITG Coaching Certificates Level 1 (online community coach) to ITG Master Level 4 (one-on-one time with a Masters coach).



In addition to the Ian Triggs' Online Golf Academy, Ian Triggs Golf offers a number of teaching aids and books to help you improve your golf game. 


More information to come soon.